An astronaut helmet, a ski helmet and a skateboarding helmet.

Who We Are and What We’re All About

When the idea of Adaptix Design Company was first thought up in late 2015, it was for a grade. That’s right, before we became a company we were a class project. At that point I (Austin Isinghood) was a senior in college at West Virginia University. I was in the first ever Design Entrepreneurship class, a course taught by a group of teachers in business, law and design. In this class we didn’t just create a logo or branding materials for some hypothetical business so that we’d have something to put in our portfolio when we graduated, no, in this class we had to create a real business. We were tasked with generating a business plan and were required to enter a business plan competition. Rather than brand a product or an app (like most of my classmates) I decided to brand myself. I wanted to build a company around a creative service. Luckily, I had recently completed all of my web design courses, gotten a web development internship and fallen in love with the field.


At this point there were some technical aspects of the industry I hadn’t quite grasped, so I reached out to my close friend Ryan Lazear who had recently graduated from the University of Mount Union with a degree in Computer Science. We are both from the same small town of Wellsburg, West Virginia and have remained close since graduating High School together in 2011.


Although we did not win the business plan competition, through extensive market research and lot of pitching, we found a real need for our service, especially in our area. We officially became a business in January of 2016 and we’ve been dealing with a steady stream of clients ever since.


We have recently decided to expand and have added a highly skilled graphic designer to the team. Brandon Diaz was a college classmate of mine (he was actually in that Design Entrepreneurship class with me). Since graduating he has moved to Denver, Colorado to pursue creative work there. We have remained in touch and when I recently expressed interest in utilizing his skills to help take Adaptix to the next level he jumped right on board.


So, with myself handling most of the planning, designing and development, Ryan focusing on maintenance and support and Brandon creating graphics and illustrations, the service we provide has become everything I pitched it to be in class a few years ago. I’m proud of what we’ve become and what we’re growing to be.